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Best Amazing Useful Android App


The perfect app to keep nosey people and thieves away from your phone

Do you worry when you leave your phone unattended in public places? Try our app!

Anti-Theft Alarm will keep your phone safe from nosy people and thieves. Someone moves the phone or disconnects it from the charger? The alarm will sound loudly and you will be immediately aware! And only you can turn off the alarm using personal PIN-code or unlock pattern.

With Anti-Theft Alarm, your phone will not be stolen or used without your permission. If anyone dares to to touch it you’ll catch them red-handed!

Anti-Theft Alarm features:
✓ Motion sensor-activated alarm
✓ Charger disconnect alarm
✓ PIN-code or unlock pattern to stop the alarm
✓ Choose from preset or custom alarm sounds
✓ Simple and easy-to-use interface

Don’t touch my phone – Who unlocks my phone is the anti theft app that detects motion when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger of your phone without your permission. This is the most reliable Mobile Safety Alarm for your device. Dont Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm with password is the best for Mobile Lock 2019 as well with great imei device tracker. Find out immediately who tries to unlock my phone use mobile touch with motion detector alarm the best app with motion sensor. Phone alarm app

Other Security Features:
1.PIN Code for super protection
2.Fingerprint to Switch off the alarm.
3.Disconnect Charger alarm
4.Flashlights when the alarm is triggered
5.Add delay to Alarm Sound
6.Record and Setup your own custom alarm sound, a nosy person can not shut down
7.Antitheft Alarm for your mobile phone


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