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Enjoy live TVs without taking on the internet’s smartphones, how to read


To view live TV on smart phone, you have to install the app like Geo TV, Airtel TV etc. You have to spend more data for this. Since coming to Reliance Jio’s telecom market, 4G data packs have started to be available in very low prices. Whether to transfer movie-music or watch online videos, 4G Speed ​​makes every task very easy.

Not only this, live TV can also be seen. But after the 4G pack is over, the speed of the Internet is greatly reduced and live TV runs with buffering. This also reduces picture quality too. In order to deal with this problem, we have brought you information about a device through which live TV can be viewed without internet. If you want to watch live TV on mobile then the user will need to take a TV tuner dongle. It can be purchased from any e-commerce website.

How does the TV tuner dongle work?

It works on DVB-T signals. It can be connected directly to the phone. Through this, users can watch live TV. In addition it is given a micro USB port which can be connected to the phone’s charger port. Now it comes to searching channels, for this it has built-in TV software which finds the channel according to country territory. From here, users can enjoy free channels without internet. Tell you that it works only on Android smart phones.

Segolike Mini DVB-T Microm USB HD TV Tuner Stick:

Its price is Rs 1,638 and you can buy it from e-commerce site other than Amazon. This device contains a micro USB port which you can put in your smart phone.

MagiDeal Aluminum Micro USB Mobile Watch DVB T2 Tuner:

The price of this device is Rs 2,505, which you can buy from e-commerce sites like Amazon.


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