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Facebook And Instagram Have Become Addiction, These 5 Apps Will Work.


Over the past several years, social media has changed our lives a lot. This has changed the way we talk to each other. From Facebook’s new updates to Instagram live stories every time companies have offered many better features. These apps have always kept us connected. It goes a long way in ours. At the same time, users are losing their other important aspects due to their busy life.If you are one of these then these 5 apps can help you focus. You can use these apps to create a synchronization between social media and your life.

Stay Focused:

It is a self control app that is able to control the usage of your social media. It helps to decide the time for using social applications. This app needs to be downloaded. After this, you have to create a profile for any app you want to set limits. You will then be able to determine the usage of these apps daily and per hour. After this the profile will be activated. As soon as his time is completed, its notifications will be blocked and blocked.

App off timer:

With this app, users can set the time limit of social media apps. For this you will be able to select the App Tax Off Time, Waiting Time and Maximum Daily Usage. Users will be able to use the app for a certain amount of time. The app will automatically stop as soon as the time is over.


A part from setting the time limit of social media apps, this app also offers some additional features. This blocks the second app. It reminds you that you should do more than just use the app. This app will tell you how many times you have broken rules.

Your Hour:

Instead of restricting this application, you place a timer on the screen in which it shows how long you are using the app. It also has a timeline in which how long you are using the app will be analyzed.


This app encourages users to join different communities to get rid of the social media addiction. This app helps focus users to keep users away from social media services.



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