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Useful App for All Smartphone



Watch your favourite Hindi news channels LIVE at one place!

Now you can watch your favourite Hindi news channels LIVE all at one place.

Love reading news? Stay up to date everyday with most popular Hindi newspapers and websites.

With so many sources of news existing all around us, it can get overwhelming to consume them all from different places. We built this app so that you can watch all Hindi news from one place.


“Hindi News Live” is very light application to show you Live Hindi News and Hindi Newspapers . It will also show you local Hindi News as well as national Hindi News and Newspapers. Internet connection is needed for operation as Hindi News is collected and presented on device screen using online available Hindi News sources.

The Hindi News app lets you read local Hindi News and Internation news including sports, economics, breaking news etc on your mobile screen. You may go deep down to your local city and read latest stories. This Hindi News App collects news from different online Hindi News websites and aggregated the all in one place.

Very easy-to-load application with small size.
Install and keep yourself updated.

– Funk8media is not owner or actual publisher of news shown in this application. We have just provided all news source links at single place for user convenience.

– Please mail to us if you feel that any of the Intellectual Property rights have been infringed as none of them are intentional and we look forward to correcting / improve them. We can remove or add news sources on editor’s wish.


It is very Awesome Android App for All news Hindi. i like this App And you will also like this App.


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