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These Phones Set up The New Trend, First To Know About The First Smartphone From The Mobile Phone


Mobile phones today have become a necessity of goods for everyone. People of every age group now use mobile. Today mobile phones are not used only for talking, rather, through mobile phones, we find out about the whole world. It includes internet browsing, video, music, games, movies as well as social media. Do you know when the world’s first mobile phone was launched and how it looked.

First mobile phone

Motorola launched the world’s first mobile phone. Its name was DynaTAC 8000x and it was launched commercially for the first time in 1984. However, it was created by Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee on April 3, 1973, which was a prototype phone. The price of this phone was US $ 3,995.

First touch screen phone

IBM, the first touch screen phone in the world, was launched by the company that created the computer chip. Its name was IBM Simon. Some people call it the world’s first smartphone but at this time the smartphone name was not invented. A big touch screen display was given in the middle of the phone.

First flip phone

The first flip phone was made by Motorola itself. Its name was StarTAC and it was launched on January 3, 1996. There was a 500 mAh battery and 100 contact numbers could be saved.

First smartphone

The first smartphone was launched by Ericsson. The name of this phone was Ericsson R380 which was launched in 2000. This included the introduction of PDA and mobile technology.

First camera phone

The first camera phone was launched in 2000, its name was J-Phone. It was launched by an electronic company in Japan. The phone had a 0.11 megapixel camera. At the same time, the Samsung SCH-V200 is called the first camera phone. In J-Phone, users could easily send photos, while the phone could be taken by clicking on the phone from Samsung’s computer.

Phone with first color display

The first color display phone was launched in the US. Its name was Sanyo SCP-5000. This phone was launched in 2001, with 256 colors given in its display. The phone had a 2-inch display and the phone was launched with a flip design.

First 3d phone

The first 3D phone was launched in 2002. This phone was named SH251iS in which 2.2 inch display was given. In addition, a 0.3-inch camera was given which could be clicked on 3D photo.

First android phone

The first Android phone was made by the mobile manufacturer HTC. The name of this phone was HTC Dream, which was launched on October 22, 2008. This phone was launched with the partnership of American telecom company T-Mobile and HTC. The phone used to support 3G networks.


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