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Want To Sell Your Old Smartphone? Best Deals Available Here


These days, many smartphones are launching with new technology. In this way many users like to sell their old smartphones but they can not sell because of not getting the right price. These days, e-commerce sites also offer exchange offers on the purchase of new smartphones. But many times the users do not exchange phones when they are not getting the right deal. Today we are going to tell you about some such websites and apps where you can sell old smartphones and you will also get good deals.

The right deal will be found on this website

Atterobay.com is a website that you just need to log in to sell your phone. On this website you only have to give some information about your smartphone. Like how old your phone is, how your condition of your phone is etc. After getting all the information about the user’s phone, the company sends the protective packaging to the user. In this protective packaging the user packs his phone. After taking the phone from the company user, he checks it well in his plant.If everything is correct then the company contacts the user to finalize the deal, the company sends the check to the user or transfers money online.


This app can sell your old smartphone

The Cashify app is also an app that you can use to sell your old smartphone. This app can be used to sell you from washing machines to laptops and gaming consoles. When you download this app, you will first need to enter the name of your smartphone. After downloading the app it will be about the status of your phone. Will ask. The company checks your smartphone’s speaker and touch response.After this your camera’s camera, screen and pixels etc. are checked. You can complete this app through your phone’s check app only. The company gives its price when picking up the phone.


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